About Shemran

Shemran Gates

Shemran was created in 2003 by
Music Producer/Composer/Programmer
Farhad Amirahmadi.

Farhad was born and raised in the north of Tehran
in an area called Shemran and moved to London
in his early teens, where he has lived and worked ever since.

Shemran combines Persian string sections and down-tempo beats
with various traditional Middle Eastern instruments to create
an atmospheric blend of Eastern and Western music.

The debut album by Shemran includes performances by
Amar (featured vocalist on Timbaland and Talvin Singh albums),
Mounir Baziz (multi-instrumentalist musician who has performed with
Rachid Taha and Damon Albarn) and
Robin Millar (award winning Producer of Sade).

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